Taylor is featured in the May issue of Nylon. Pictures have been added to the gallery. You can view the entire issue online at here. His feature appears on page 97.
Also, in case you hadn’t seen them, I’ve added screencaps from the season finale of Friday Night Lights a couple of days ago.

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// Nylon – May 2009
// Friday Night Lights – 3.13 – Tomorrow Blues Screencaps

Here’s a transcript of the Nylon article. Looks like Taylor got his first tattoo.

Any Given Friday
TAYLOR KITSCH IS not feeling like himself these days. The 28-year-old actor can be seen this month as Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and he’s best known for his role as dreamy but tortured football player Tim Riggins on NBC’s hit drama Friday Night Lights. It’s a part that calls for a very specific physicality (ripped), hairdo (long, in his eyes), and mood (brooding). And yet on a bright spring morning in Austin, Texas, Kitsch shows up at an outdoor coffee spot looking like an emaciated tourist in a long-sleeved black T-shirt and skullcap, a camera slung around his neck. In the past six weeks, Kitsch has dropped a staggering 30 pounds in preparation for his role as tortured photojournalist Kevin Carter in the upcoming film The Bang Bang Club. “This morning I had slices of pineapple and a couple things of melon and coffee,” he says. “Later I’ll run like 13 miles and then more coffee. I make this vegetable soup that’s really good…but I’m over it.”
The film is based on the true story about a group of photographers who documented the fall of apartheid in South Africa, and whose lives became inextricably intertwined with the events they covered. Carter was a drug addict who later committed suicide, and the arc of his decline—both psychological and physical—will be captured in the film. No one asked him to starve himself, but to Kitsch, there was no alternative. It’s all part of an ambitious career philosophy that seems at odds with the British Columbia native’s laid-back, gentle personality. He’s a country music fan, drives a modest Toyota pickup truck with stuffed toys hanging from the rearview mirror, and uses the world gal without irony. Though he’s lived in New York and Los Angeles, Kitsch calls Austin—where FNL shoots—home and talks with unabashed giddiness about buying a house on the lake, getting a boat, and if he meets the right girl, starting a family. The guy is so polite and affable it’s unnerving. And yet when he got the chance to destroy the body that’s made his image the cell-phone wallpaper of teenage girls across America, he couldn’t wait. “I love the challenge,” he says with a grin. “I’ve gotten so fucking down on days where I’d see Kev in a photo and be like, ‘No, you’re just not there.’ But I’ll get there.”

Transitioning from TV-show It Boy to respected actor is tricky. But increasingly, the actor is finding himself in meetings with Hollywood’s A-List, and he’s realizing that “Riggs” has fans in high places. “I go into rooms now for big movies, meeting directors that I’d die to work with, and they’re all huge fans of Riggs,” he says. “It’s the little show that could, and now it’s like a cult.” Despite the caliber of the performances on FNL, statistically speaking Kitsch knows he faces an uphill battle to achieve credibility as a movie actor. “Everyone judges people by their choices, and I do it, too,” the actor says. “If I see a gal or a guy go into a certain job it’s like, ‘Oh fuck, you’re done. Why did you pick Saw Fifteen? Come on!’”

When Kitsch first moved to New York to become an actor he was a homeless illegal alien with no prospects. During a particularly dark period, he wound up sleeping on the subway. Along with the rest of the down-on-their-luck street dwellers he’d get on the E train at night and curl up in one of the bucket seats while it made its endless loop around the city. Kitsch is going to need that gritty determination and self-reliance in the coming years, too, but he doesn’t seem phased. In fact, he’s about to get his first tattoo, a reminder of the mantra that got him here. “Riggs says ‘no regrets’ and that’s from me, that’s improv,” the actor explains. “It’s my motto, too. Tomorrow I’m getting a tattoo in Swahili that means to live life with no regret.

I’m just like, fuck it, I gotta do it.”

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