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January 26, 2023   Jen   Comments Off on Photos: ‘The Terminal List’ Captures 'The Terminal List', Gallery, Projects

Screen captures from all episodes from Prime Video’s “The Terminal List” have been added into the photo gallery. Head over and enjoy! Gallery Link: Movies/TV Shows and Other Projects > The Terminal List (2022) > Season 1 > Episode Screencaptures

I have been working on adding tons of production photos for all of Taylor’s previous works into the gallery, along with a couple press conferences as well. Screen captures of The Grand Seduction, The Normal Heart, and Waco have also been added. We are currently working on captures for The Terminal List and they will […]

July 8, 2022   Jen   Comments Off on Taylor Kitsch Is Wild and Free 'The Terminal List', Articles, Gallery, Projects

For two decades, he’s chugged along in the Hollywood game by flat out refusing to play it. He was busy searching for something else. Taylor Kitsch has been following a white wolf for five miles through the Montana wilderness, not far from his home in Bozeman. Up the hills, around to the drainage they go. […]

July 3, 2022   Jen   Comments Off on Gallery Update (7/3) 'The Terminal List', Gallery, Projects

The gallery has been updated with Taylor’s most recent public appearances, as well as a poster and a new episode still from The Terminal List. We will also be adding screen captures from the series soon. Gallery Links: Public Appearances > 2022 > June 18: 61st Monte Carlo TV Festival – “The Terminal List” Photocall […]

June 27, 2021   Holly   Comments Off on Photos: Shadowplay Screencaps 'Shadowplay', Gallery

Captures of Taylor from his role in Shadowplay are now available in the gallery. Enjoy! Gallery Link: MOVIES/TV SHOWS AND OTHER PROJECTS > SHADOWPLAY (2020) > SEASON 1 > EPISODE SCREENCAPTURES

April 12, 2021   Jen   Comments Off on Photos: ’21 Bridges’ and ‘Shadowplay’ Stills '21 Bridges', 'Shadowplay', Gallery, Projects

I’ve added production stills from 21 Bridges, along with another episode still from Taylor’s newest series Shadowplay into the gallery. Gallery Links: • Movies/TV Shows and Other Projects > 21 Bridges (2019) > Stills • Movies/TV Shows and Other Projects > Shadowplay (2020) > Episode Stills

August 27, 2020   Jen   Comments Off on Photos: Elle Magazine Scans Gallery

I have just updated the gallery with digital scans from the July 2015 issue of Elle magazine, thanks to Emily! Gallery Link: • Magazine Scans > Elle USA (July 2015)