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Screencaps from last night’s Friday Night Lights episode have been uploaded along with a scan of the April issue of Women’s Health thanks to Ha and Sally!!! Also online are stunning outtakes from this shoot. Remember to register to view those pictures!

Oh and I got the new layout online yesterday. I’m sure you guys noticed the change.

Gallery Link
// Friday Night Lights – 3.10 – The Giving Tree
// Women’s Health – April 2009 (scanned by Ha)
// Women’s Health – Photoshoot

Due to popular demand, VanityFair.com has posted another interview with Taylor.

Friday Night Lights: Taylor Kitsch Milks the Clock
by Marnie Hanel

Earlier this month we interviewed Taylor Kitsch, who plays flowing-haired fullback Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights. The ne’er-do-well’s Q&A went straight to our most-popular list, leading us to believe that VF Daily has considerably more football fans than we originally thought. This week we revisit the town Lothario with a second cut of the interview. Catch a new episode of F.N.L. tonight.

VF Daily: Wow, you have a strong Canadian accent. Was it difficult for you to master the Texas drawl?

Taylor Kitsch: I’ve had to do accents a lot and it’s something I take extremely seriously. I had dialect training even before I went to Austin to shoot the pilot. I’m thankful to have it to play this kid. Having that Texas accent pulls you right into the character.

Did you read for any of the other F.N.L. roles?

I read for Jason Street, but I really wanted to play Riggins. Weeks later, they called me back to read for Riggins. And, well, we kind of hit that one out of the park. I can’t imagine the cast any other way. Everyone has found their niche.

When Season Three begins, Lyla and Riggins are back together. How do you think that happened?

Tim just waited for the Bible thing to fizzle down with that other guy. He convinced himself that wasn’t real. Besides, it was six months. Give that cat six months to work on someone! He did his thing. He chipped away at it. And, finally, she just cracked.

Coach Taylor is asked to describe your character in one word this season. He says “fortitude.” What word would you use?

Oh man, that’s so good. One word to describe Riggs? “Perseverance.” He has to have it. He has no trust in his family, so he has to just keep going and going, just working it out for himself.

At one point, there was a question about whether your character could read. Did you buy that?

No, not for a second. He can get away with anything and everything in that town, and at that school. It’s just a lack of effort. He doesn’t care. People just take it for granted that he’s an idiot.

In the upcoming film Wolverine, you play Gambit. The character is a big deal in the comic-book world. Did you know that when you were cast?

I was reminded right when I got the part! I love that pressure. I trained for four months with cards. I learned how to use a bo staff. I know Gambit inside out. I just saw a good chunk of the movie and I’m pretty happy with it. I think the biggest thing for me is to be able to walk away without saying I would have done this or that differently. This time, I can truly say that.

Do you think there will be a spin-off?

I hope we can go another round or two. Knock on wood! If the fans want it, it could happen. The fans have the power. (source)