Holly  Dec 20, 2013   Articles

The 32-year-old Lone Survivor star covers the sixth issue of Man of the World magazine, where he not only revealed that he was seeing someone under the radar—but in doing so, he also admitted that he’s recently single.
At the time of his interview, Kitsch was staying his favorite beachside hotel in Santa Monica, Calif., for a week of business meetings. At night, he drove to the Valley to play hockey. “Us Canadians, we find that sh–t,” he said of his favorite pastime. “Hockey’s like therapy for me. I went through a terrible breakup a while ago and it was the one thing that allowed me to actually not think about it for an hour-and-a-half.”

Kitsch played coy when asked about the current status of his love life. “I’m not getting married next year, I’ll tell you that much,” the former Friday Night Lights star promised. Fair enough.

After top lining two box office disappointments in 2012, it’s not too surprising that the John Carter star has his guard up. Still, Kitsch has no regrets about his career choices. “If I even told you who else was trying to get John Carter’s role!” he said, though he declined to say who else was in contention.

Battleship, meanwhile, was alluring for two reasons: he would get to reteam with Friday Night Lights executive producer Peter Berg and spend several months in Hawaii playing with real U.S. war ships. “The Navy closed down the USS Missouri for us for two weeks!” he recalled.

Kitsch next stars in HBO’s The Normal Heart, a story about the earliest days of the AIDS crisis. He plays Bruce Niles, a closeted Wall Street broker who moonlights as the head of the Gay Men’s Health Crisis. He was also asked to star in a TV show this past season—a gig that paid “stupid money,” he claimed—but ultimately decided to continue his work on the big screen.

While the actor is taking on meatier roles, it’s not because he’s trying to distance himself from the failures of John Cater and Battleship. According to Kitsch, “I’ll keep swinging for the rest of my career.”