Holly  Jan 04, 2012   Articles, Projects

With the movie releasing March 9, just two months away, Taylor’s started doing a lot of press surrounding it. Recently he talked to Screenrant about the movie and why people should go see it.

“There’s a lot. I keep saying that the great white ape scene is worth the price of admission alone. Visually it’s going to be incredible. I think they’ll like the characters; they’re going to be able to relate. It’s not just a special effects movie with things blowing up and basically one guy that you don’t care about. You care about John Carter and you care about his journey. You see an incredible arc of who he is, his new beginning and rebirth, and although you have special effects, you’ve also got the brilliant actors whom I’ve had the fortune of working opposite as well.

“… [Also] I’m telling you, [the Martian dog] Woola will steal this movie… He’s loud and awkward, like a puppy in a sense. If anyone has an animal or has had an animal growing up, they know that there are so many things that you do with an animal that you don’t do in a relationship with another human. Eventually, John lets his guard down quite a bit and I love that because it makes those moments with Woola quite great.”

You can read the entire interview at the source.