Holly  Aug 30, 2011   Projects

Taylor’s being eyed by Emma Watts for the remake of the older movie “Romancing The Stone”, though nothing is actually set in stone, reports have it that he’s one being considered.

Despite appearances to the contrary, 20th Century Fox’s planned remake of Robert Zemeckis’s 1984 action-adventure romatic comedy, Romancing the Stone, is apparently not dead, even though there has been little to no progress made on it since it was first announced back in December 2008. According to MovieHole, a “trusted source” has revealed that the remake is still in active development at Fox and that producer Emma Watts is looking to choose “someone newish to the moviemaking scene” to helm the movie. It was not revealed whether screenwriter Daniel McDermott (Eagle Eye) is still involved, but apparently Watts is looking at Taylor Kitsch and Gerard Butler to play Michael Douglas’s character, Jack T. Colton, and Katherine Heigl for the role of Joan Wilder, played by Kathleen Turner in the original.