Taylor Kitsch was born on April 8th, 1981 in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.
As a kid, Taylor grew up in Vancouver and until today, Taylor still lives there
when he’s not shooting Friday Night Lights in Austin, Texas. Growing up, he
aspired to become an actor which eventually was the real reason behind his move
to New York.

In New York, Taylor pursued his dreams by studying the art of acting with coach
Sheila Grey. Not too long after that, Taylor landed a role in the movie Pacific
121. After landing a role in that movie, Taylor’s dreams finally started coming
true. Taylor was casted in a few guest acting roles such as John Tucker Must
Die, Snakes On A Plane and Kyle XY.

Moving to New York in 2002 was the prize that Taylor received after being scouted
by modeling scouts in Canada. Taylor was signed to IMG Models and became a regular
face for the famous clothing lines, Abercrombie & Fitch and also Diesel.
Taylor was also signed under Untitled Entertainment during his two years stay
in the city.

While Taylor was living in New York, he found time to become a certified personal
trainer and nutritionist. In the year 2004, Taylor decided that it was time
for him to move to Los Angeles to learn more about the acting course. Taylor
stayed in Los Angeles for about eight months and did some print work with Nous
Modeling Management.

It wasn’t too long until Taylor realized that he didn’t want to be in Los Angeles.
Taylor thought that things were running a little bit too fast for him, then
making the decision to move back to Vancouver for the summer of 2005 to spend
more time with his family. In 2006, Taylor the signed with Endeavour.

What shot him to bigger fame was his role in the movie The Covenant, with actors
Steven Strait, Toby Hemingway and Chace Crawford who were all already successful.
In The Covenant, fans got to know who Taylor really is. Even though the movie
wasn’t as successful as people hoped it would be, Taylor became more recognized
since acting in the movie. In the movie, fans also got to see a more fit and
toned version of Taylor.

Fortunately, after The Covenant, casting directors from the football teen drama,
Friday Night Lights, saw the talent that Taylor had. They eventually hired Taylor
to play the role of Tim Riggins, one of the Dillon Panthers’ main players. In
Friday Night Lights, Taylor managed to show his acting skills to fans and television
critics who were very impressed with Taylor’s acting skills.

After receiving fame and gaining a big fan base from Friday Night Lights, Taylor
received the acting publicity he has always been waiting for.

Despite being famous, Taylor is still a very humble guy and claims that he’d
prefer to skip the whole tabloid craze. With all the success and a humble attitude,
we’re pretty sure that Taylor is going to be one of the ‘Must Watch’ stars for
the coming years.

HOMETOWN: Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
BIRTHDATE: April 8, 1981