Janine  Mar 09, 2009   Movie News

Silk Spectre Teams Up With Gambit To Stop Apartheid

The consensus on Watchmen, except for a few extremely vocal naysayers, seems to be that it’s pretty good. One of the many reasons it’s good is Malin Ackerman who, isn’t half bad as a character which I’d always thought of as pretty thankless in the comic. Maybe Malin has something, which means her next movie is worth paying attention to.

Variety says that next movie is The Bang Bang Club. Unfortunately it’s not a film noir set in a strip club, as the title suggests. It’s about South African apartheid and Ackerman plays the photo editor of a group called Bang Bang Club. The group is comprised of four war photographers, with Ryan Phillipe and Taylor Kitsch (soon to be seen playing Gambit in Wolverine) as two of the four.

Based on a memoir by Bang Bang Club members Greg Marinovich and Joao Silva, the indie film tells the story of four photographers whose pictures captured the final, bloody days of white supremacy in South Africa. (source)